Vanity, Agony, Thirst

by Luke Garfield

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released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Luke Garfield Gold Coast, Australia

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Track Name: Open Fire
Open Fire

Take another day
I try to touch these things outside my window
I'm stuck in my place
This is inconsequence. This is in self defines and I ...

Fumble with this mute upon my mouth.
Is this contagious, this plainness?

Open fire … on my bullet proof

The snake's amongst the grass
The weeds they make so I can't see, slides so gently.
A delicate display
I'm getting weaker every day.

Comfort is the drug they sell me
Trying to fulfil me
When nothing is all I need
Track Name: All That Is Given
All That Is Given

There is no time for empty words
Grow heavy, grow heavy with fruit
I was a choice I cannot hide
You're beautiful and still terrify

All that is given is today
The sky never looked so bright and clear

We make ourselves lame with the lies we work on our feet
Narrow is the road and we need each step

It's better to listen to the rebuke of a wise man
Than to listen to the song of fools.
Track Name: Sweat Of Doubt
Sweat Of Doubt

Breath out, breath out
I'm sick of holding it in
Breathe out, breath out
Feels like you're holding it in

Let me look outside my window
See you slowly come in
Let me look outside my window
And see my unburdening

Is that the rain on your breath
A cool breeze up from the south
Is that the rumble of your voice
To take away this sweat of doubt

I want some air on my face
Get the dust off my skin

On the floor in a heap amongst the mess while she sleeps
I want to clean out my eyes, reset my head as I get ready for bed
Light on the window, light of the dawn telling me that I will see the morning
My unburdening
Track Name: Did God Really Smile
Did God Really Smile.

I waited for you on the side walk to let me in to let me in
deeper than your skin I knew you would begin
but dreams are so strong and sometimes they takes so long
feeling like they will never come
But you knew best and could beat the rest if only you had you chance

Did God really smile
when you got love in your eyes?
Did God really smile
when you waved them all goodbye?

You changed your name, you changed your clothes
You let the whole thing swallow you whole
A painted face and crippled heart
But a good tragedy deserves another and makes a good story rights
But you knew best and could beat the rest

Did God really smile
when you got lost on the stage in style?
Did God really smile
when you only called once in a while?

They interviewed you on the evening news
In your stage and your dress and complicated shoes
Tell me the story, how you got that big break
Did God really smiling when you took that leap? How are you doing, are you getting enough sleep?
Track Name: Sit, Walk, Stand
Sit, Walk, Stand

Throw a fist in your face
Knock yourself down again come into this place
Angry at things you don't really see
Just feeling you don't have any peace
You want things to change, you don't know how
Pick yourself up again for another round
But you're tired ...

You've been here all along
While I've been looking down
You've been here all along
Cause I've been looking at my feet
Trying not to trip when all You want me to do
Is just sit.

Wishing you could
Hear that voice
Wanted it so long, happens to everyone else
Wishing for words and praying for signs
Everything seems so weak and so out of time.

Sit, walk, stand
Track Name: Now Selling: Soul!
Now Selling: Soul!

You’re dying of thirst, so open that you’re closed
A rusty gate swings, painted nails they grip the floor.
Prentending to find a way out but happy where you are
in this little house throwing stones across the yard.

Evolution, all the mutants, now selling soul, you’re selling soul
Revolution, paratroopers, hell letting go, hell letting go

You got something, something better, gimme gimme some.
Your freedom is just a cover, for gimme gimme some.
Grow the species, all in pieces, forget the food chain.
You see! You See! But you’re to blind to lead me.

Evolution baby, how you’ve evolved (you’ve evolved)
The vanity, agony, thirst in your soul.